Items in the wrong storage shed

Hi Homeowners,

The owners at S23 have reported items being stored in their storage space (marked S23 on the door) in the W building.

Please double check that you or your tenants haven’t mistakenly used another unit’s storage.

The owner will dispose of those item in a week.

Please email the board / if you think those are your items.

Take care!


Board Meetings

Hi All,

Board meetings are resumed for both in person and virtually via video conference.
If any homeowners are interested in listening in, please feel free to contact the board at for the access info.

Please forgive us for any hiccups that may occur during the video conference.

Hope to see you drop in person as well!


New Management

Hi All,

Seabreeze Management Company has completed taking over from our previous management company.
Our new community manager Chelsey, will be introducing themselves during our next meeting.

Please drop by the meeting in person or join via video conference and get acquainted with them!

Take care,


Board Election!!! – UPDATES (COVID-19)

UPDATED (6/10/2020)

We are excited to announce the results of the 2020 Board Member election by mail! 

Please welcome your newly elected Board of Directors,

  • Vincent Lau (until 2023)
  • Michael Miltz (until 2023)
  • Judy Anderson (until 2023)
  • Amadou Savadogo (until 2021)

UPDATED (6/8/2020):

SUHRCO has given their tally and report of the votes!
But there are a couple of votes board members are trying to verify to make sure everything is as accurate as possible.
So hang tight, we will release the results as soon as possible.

UPDATED (5/14/2020):

Look like a mistake with Sabrina wanting to run for board was a made.
We’ve taken it off of the website!

UPDATED (5/11/2020):

Nomination window closed last week.

We have some pics of our homeowners who are running for board.

Go check out them pics to put a face to the statements candidates had put out on their info page!

Statements are listed HERE under “Candidate Info”.

Mail-in-ballots will be mailed out soon.

Again, let us know if you want to see more details or ask specific questions. We will try to get those out.

Take care folks and hang in there!


UPDATED (4/28/2020):

May is a few days away and we are still missing a few homeowners’ (who has declared) statements. Hopefully we will get the rest of them soon.

We’ve added another candidate statement to the existing list.

Please go to and take a look at the statements listed HERE under “Candidate Info”.

Let us know if you want to see more details or ask specific questions. We will try to get those out.

Take care folks and stay healthy!


UPDATED (4/1/2020):

We have a few more homeowners declare to be a board nominee. Any candidates that have submitted the nomination form questions will have those intro and statements listed HERE under “Candidate Info”.

As we get more info (hopefully soon), there will be more candidates with their info up.

Let us know if you want to see more details or ask specific questions. We will try to get those out.

Take care folks and stay healthy!


UPDATED (3/16/2020):

As you may all be aware, with the evolvement of the COVID-19 situation in Washington,
the board election during the Annual meeting on March 26th has been cancelled. 🙁
The majority of the board has voted to approve a move to a Mail-In ballot election rather than meeting for the election, which will move the actual election to happen in May (due to a mandatory 50-day period for ample time for people to mail in their candidate info).

SUHRCO should have already sent out a notice with details on how this process works.

If there are any issues, questions or concerns, please email the board at We will try to answer all your questions promptly.

In the meantime, we are still going to list candidates’ info and statements on this page HERE.

We will post those statements on a first receive, first post basis.

More updates to follow.

Stay healthy and take care,


Hi All,

Board member elections are coming up on March 26th.
There are 4 seats up for election.
Any homeowners who are interested should email the Board:
and simply declare their intent to run for the board.

We can arrange for statements and other suitable publications on this website as well.
Homeowner who have declared their intent has been listed HERE.

For a healthy and tight knit community, we need more homeowners to be actively involved in the betterment and improvement decisions.

Here is a cliche image to show how needed you are:

See you guys soon!