Procedures & FAQs


Water leaks

    1. IF water leak seems to coming from ceiling, contact your upstairs neighbors to turn off the water.
    2. IF water leak is on your unit, turn off valves under kitchen sink, bathroom sink, and valve above water heater.
    3. Check your washer and dryer and ensure the drainage hose is properly inserted to the draining pipe in the wall.
    4. IF water leak continues, building water will need to be shut off, SeaBreeze will need to call Woodinville Water to send someone out.
  1. Contact SeaBreeze via email first, and then try calling them. SeaBreeze WILL need to contact Woodinville Water for building water turn off (Please go to Contacts page to see the contact details)
    Please CC the board that email as well –
    IF water leak occurs after hours, call the 24/7 emergency line.
  2. Contact your insurance company to start a claim. Water mitigation (drying) can only start when insurance company is involved.
  3. If there is no response from any party, email the board for help. As last resort, they have an emergency tool to turn off building water.


  1. IF it is a small fire, use a CO2 fire extinguisher / fire blanket.
  2. IF it is a large fire, get away from immediate danger and Dial 911.
    1. Pull the fire alarm located at the bottom of the stairs. (If it does not work, notify your neighbors by knocking on their doors as loud as you can.
    2. Get to a safe place and wait for directions from the fire fighters.
  3. Notify board and Best Management via phone / email as well.


Maintenance Items

Hot water tank – Replace according to manufacturer recommendations. Usually 8 to 10 years.

Change old Angle-stops – (Under kitchen and bathroom sink) Replace with “1/4” turn valves. (WHY?)

Chimney – Need cleaning every 2 years.