Retention Policy

KRM is gradually trying to incorporate cameras in some areas:

We are only recording video images of public areas. Below is the a list areas currently being recorded (updated 02/27/2020) :

  • Clubhouse board meeting room
  • Clubhouse
  • Clubhouse Entrance
  • Storage area F building
  • Storage area W building
  • Tool Shed

We have been advised to provide our retention and access policy of any video recordings we take.

  • All video recordings are motion activated.
  • No audio will be recorded.
  • Videos are in loop recording mode. Videos will be overwritten when storage fills up.
  • Access to videos are only available to law enforcement with a valid police report. Board members will provide the storage media directly to the officer in charge in the case of incidents.
  • There will be no active monitoring of footage.

If there are any concerns. Please contact the board at