Appearance Committee

KRM APPEARANCE COMMITTEE April 8th 2021 update
Community Service Continues in the Midst of the COVID Pandemic 

Translating inspiration into action, our unpaid volunteers are working to continue to provide essential services to the KRM community, while practicing social/physical distancing, wearing a mask and meeting other COVID-19 requirements.We continue to supply disposable and cotton reusable masks to residents. The masks are in the KRM Office, so Board members can provide them to you.

Tree Limb Pruning

Working together with neighbors and a tree arborist we coordinated with the need to prune limbs on our trees which overhang the neighbors property line. We met and the arborist suggested it would be better to trim back to the trunk in some locations for both appearance and health of the tree.

Patching Potholes
We are patching potholes in our roadways to smooth out the bumps. The speed limit is 15 MPH. Watch for our crews. We use safety cones and safety vests.

Removal of Items Dumped in the Storage Areas

We removed the dumped furniture in storage areas. We coordinated with Waste Recovery for pick up. We have a great working relationship with them. As a reminder, each of these items cost additional fees to have hauled off. The end result, can lead to higher HOA dues.

Arborist Chips Used to Restore Soil Conditions Improve Appearance
We are using the wood chips from tree projects to help restore soil conditions on the property.  The wood chips slowly break down returning nutrients to the soil, control weeds, provide a better appearance and they also help retain moisture during the warmer months. With the Spring weather, take a walk around the complex and see the transformation volunteers have made by spreading arborist chips. Recently we have been preparing the beds for the arborist chips along NE 145th Street and at the front of the complex. We have formed a team of community volunteers donating hundreds of hours. We invite you to us on the first and third Saturday of the month at Noon at the Clubhouse entrance. Special recognition goes to homeowner Hong Chen and Board members: Michael Miltz, Amadou Savadogo.

Landscaping Renovations
The Appearance Committee has transformed a few areas unmaintained locations on the property. The corner bed as you turn to enter the W building unsightly landscaping into a thriving and beautiful part of our property. The bed is right next to our 3 majestic Sequoia trees! The corner near the H building mailboxes and the north end of the I building. Removed weeds and moss, then treated and spread the arborist chips to reclaim these areas from the weeds and improve the appearance and soil conditions.

Coordinate with Waste Recovery for Management of Dumped Debris
For an additional cost to the HOA, Monday through Friday Waste Recovery picks up furniture and other debris dumped on the property. Items are often removed from the dumpster so we all have room for our household garbage. We make additional efforts on the weekends to assist in managing trash and recycling. The secret trash and recycling dumpsters, that rarely fills up, are in the NE corner of the property near the N building. Please use this dumpster to help keep our dues in line. By level load all dumpsters they get used to full capacity. To increase the full use of the capacity of the dumpsters make sure to fling the trash bag to the back of the dumpster rather than just dropping it in over the edge. When you bring it – fling it!

Removing and Treating Moss

Volunteers have been scaping to remove excess moss and then apply a treatment to help reduce moss on hard surfaces around the complex. The north side of the property is shaded and has the most moss to remove. Moss on the stone pavers at the N and S buildings are being scraped and then treated.

Recycling Bin Contamination with Plastic Bags

Waste Management has the ability to stop service if residents continue to put plastic bags in the recycling. Recycling charts and guidelines were recently mailed to residents and are on line for your review. We have been warned by the City of Kirkland Recycling Coordinator, no plastic bags in the recycling. When you bring it – fling it! to the back of the container.
Dog Waste Bag Dispensers 
Volunteers keep the 3 Dog Waste Bag dispensers filled for residents to use. The dispensers are located on the walkway between the C/E buildings and at the mailboxes next to the N/S and H buildings.

Red Flags at KRM
Each red flag will be left where un-scooped dog waste is found. This idea came from guidance from the City of Kirkland. Dog poop is not fertilizer. It is raw sewage that spreads disease to pets and people and pollutes our water. The City of Kirkland monitors our property to help protect the water supply that runs into our storm drain system, which flows to our retention pond. Be a responsible pet owner and pick up the poop!

Entryway Lighting That Improves Visibility and Appearance
To increase community safety and reduce risk, we often on the same day, replace burned out entryway bulbs with new brighter LED light bulbs. To further improve the visibility and appearance, we continue to swap out and deep clean each light cover. Used bulbs are taken in for recycling.

Posted a Speed Limit Sign
A 15 MPH speed limit sign was posted at the entryway near the Safeway Gas Station. It was torn down and stolen within 8 hours.

Trash along Safeway FencelineThe Safeway store manager has committed to helping reduce the amount of litter that gets blown over from the shopping center parking lot. We saw employees out using a tool to reach down on both sides of the fence line to remove the trash and debris.Safeway also recently replaced the burned out bulb in the NE corner of the parking lot near our entrance so it is well lit!

I know we are all excited to see the results continue in 2021 but that only happens with your support. The Appearance Committee volunteers are working together to improve our community,

Brad Feigenbaum 
Kingsgate Ridge Condominiums – President

Board Representative – Appearance Committee